2 0 1 6

The last year has been a season of valleys, wilderness, and refinement. Jesus never stopped pursuing my heart and chasing after my affections. I’ve never felt more fully known and fully loved. From an incredible period in Zambia, to working at Black Rock Retreat for 3 months, to starting my first year studying in Manchester. The year began … More 2 0 1 6


“anything i put before my God, is an idol. anything i want with all my heart, is an idol.  anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol. anything i give all my love, is an idol.” tim keller defines idolatry as “turning good things into ultimate things.” i love this definition because it reminds me … More idols.

summer reflections: abundantly, exceedingly more (ephesians 3:20)

As we drove to Philadelphia airport the day after camp ended, April asked “if you could use ONE word to describe your summer what would it be?” Without a whole ton of thought, I replied “abundant.” As I reflected on that conversation and the meaning it had to me this summer, I realised how true … More summer reflections: abundantly, exceedingly more (ephesians 3:20)

His kingdom first

Leaving a thriving summer camp ministry and an incredible community can be a hard step. Adjusting to the norms of life after being on such a busy, scheduled but fulfilling time table throughout the summer can be rough. Establishing and implementing what God has done in your heart can be a challenge. A combination of … More His kingdom first

New adventures

Zambia changed me in more ways than one. Noticeably at the moment, is just how last minute I’ve become (example number 1: booking insurance for the trip just last night!) If I’d of thought ahead, maybe I could of composed this blog post before being over half way across the Atlantic on a very empty … More New adventures

Each day

Something I’ve struggled with since coming home is how quickly things have become normal again. How quickly I’ve gotten used to all the abundance. How my materialistic attitude has crept back in. The way I persuade myself I ‘need’ things. How I’m failing to be as grateful for little things that were such a treat in … More Each day

God wrote a book 

“God wrote a book. that reality blows me away every time i stop to think about it. pages and pages of God. his thoughts, his words, his heart. right there, just a few inches away. i can carry it with me wherever i go. read it whenever i want. reading the bible is one of … More God wrote a book